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Our Firm During The Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Coronavirus Changes to Our Law Firm It seems whatever channel you are watching, coronavirus is the main thing the media is pushing in the news. As it were, it’s useful for our nation to be informed. It shows us that a pandemic is serious and that we should be substantially more cautious as a system. Unfortunately, emergency situations can make individuals act illogically. Think toilet paper apocalypse here. So as to restrict spreading the coronavirus, we emphatically support staying and working from home if you are able. If not, please wash your hands regularly, carry hand sanitizer with you and keep...

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ABA Family Law Conference in Austin Texas

Family Law Conference

Samuel Thomas spoke at the 2019 ABA Family Law Conference in Austin Texas. The presentation concerned representing clients in child custody litigation with modest means. It was truly an honor to present to some of the best family law attorneys in the country! ABA Family Law Conference in Austin Texas The Family Law Conference addresses a wide range of legal, tax, financial and valuation issues related to separation and divorce. Deepen your knowledge of complex issues related to family law. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle and discuss your questions with judicial officers, accountants, and lawyers who specialize in...

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How to Calculate Child Support in Georgia

Child Support

After child custody is determined in a divorce, legitimation, or child custody modification is determined, the next step for the court is often to assess child support. Most people don’t know how to Calculate Child Support in Georgia? How to Calculate Child Support in Georgia? Child support in Georgia is calculated using an income shares model, which was adopted by Georgia in 2007. Prior to January 1, 2007, Georgia calculated child support based on the income of the non-custodial parent solely. Now that Georgia follows the income shares model, support is calculated by taking into account each parent’s income to ultimately determine...

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Best Interest of the Child

Best Interest Of The Child

Defining the Best Interest of the Child is not straightforward. For married couples in Georgia who have children together, making the decision to part ways can be a difficult task. Parents may wish to protect their kids throughout the divorce, but child custody can be a challenging topic. However, by seeking guidance on aspects to address the best interest of the kids, parents could become better prepared to pursue an acceptable parenting plan during divorce proceedings. There are numerous factors that are taken into consideration when determining the best interests of children. Factors such as the age of the kids and...

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